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Graphic Design of Logos, Icons and More

Logos and icons should be attractive, of course. More important, they have to capture your essence simply, clearly and immediately.

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Logo Design for A.I.S.
Logo design for A.I.S., Inc., which provides observation and inspection services for maritime businesses and agencies.
Logo Design for Around Carolina
Logo design for Around Carolina, former online magazine for Time Warner Cable.
Icon design for Franklin Arts Consultants
Logo design for Franklin Arts Consultants, who work with schools and educational groups.
Logo Design for artist Eleanor Goud
Logo design for artist Eleanor Goud. See logo used on website.
Logo Design for David Crowe
Logo design for composer and teaching artist David Crowe. See logo used on website.
Logo Design for Elegant Green Homes
Logo design for Elegant Green Homes. See how it was used on a website.
Logo Design for Tony Holt
Logo design for Tony Holt. See logo used on corporate identity material.
Logo Design for Arts Engage
Logo design for Arts Engage, a former arts consultants agency.
Logo Design for Kerry Robson
Logo design for real estate agent Kerry Robson.
Logo Design 30th Anniversary of Grassroots Leadership
Logo design for 30th Anniversary of Grassroots Leadership. See logo in newsletter (pdf).
Logo Design for Around the Corner
Logo design for a lawn service. See logo used on business card.
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Icons, Decorative Doodads

weather icons
Weather Icons for Time Warner Cable's former online magazine, Around Carolina
Icons Design for Kerry Robson
Icons design for real estate agent Kerry Robson.
Road Runner icons
Graphics for Time Warner Cable's Road Runner Division
Icon for Center for Peace through Culture
Decorative Doodads for Center for Peace through Culture.
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Logo, Icon and Corporate Identity Design